Cafe Restaurant

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Café Restaurant Fresh Fish Traditional Greek & Corfiot Specialities

               Breakfast – Lunch - Dinner
      We really hope you can join us and try our mouth - watering meals relaxing with a caraf of local wine or a cool glass of beer.
           Spianada  Cafe - Restaurant is a thriving business which has been working in the heart of the
Liston town (next to the cricket pitch, in Spianada square, for the past twelve years) it is a
family running business.
           The owner Dionisis is a true Corfiot who has at least forty years experience in the
restaurant in Vancouver, Canada for six years!!
           The restaurant is very well known not only by the tourists who always come back every day
to try each meal on the menu! but also by the locals, knowing that they will eat well at low prices.
   With a love for fishing here you will always find fresh fish served daily.
   We will be happy to contact with us to arrange a meal with a variety of fresh local fishes

 Spianada is well known especially for it's traditional homemade greek and italian dishes!
34 Kapodistriou Str.Corfu Town (in the Spianada Square) Tel +30 2661039066 
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